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Recent News

  • Fan Made Video

    A fan made this video for Darker Than Thou.
  • Darker Than Thou

    My first single Darker Than Thou is now available for download on my Music page.
  • First Track

    I am in the middle of recording the first new track. The track so far has been one happy accident after another. I began working on a rhythm and melody that I had in my head but hit writer's block. I also had started working on the lyrics and that too hit a writer's block. While trying to overcome the block, I inadvertently created a whole new song that was more industrial and decided the whole piece would go better in that direction. With a new sound I was able to continue writing lyrics, but by the time I was working on the last line for the track I realized I had completely lost site of my original intention and that the hook of the song had nothing to do with the rest of the lyrics. So I made a hard decision, I let go of not only the main point I was trying to accomplish, I also had to change the title that I so loved to fit the new theme.